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Allow me to introduce myself…

Hi, Im Janine! 

Im a Vancouver based  professional photographer with over 16 years under my belt.  From portraiture to commercial photography. It’s always been a passion of mine to connect with people whether it’s by connecting in conversation throughout the day of an 8+ hour shoot, or chatting with strangers at bus stops. I’m never disappointed when striking up conversations with all walks of life. 

I have travelled the world extensively for both work and pleasure. Both have offered incredible richness in culture and life experiences. 

Recently I’ve switched gears a little, slowing down in some ways while raising my two sons, Gunnar and Oscar. And speeding up in other ways, while I try to keep up with them and attempting to catch a few zzz’s along the way. 

My Approach

When I think about what makes me right for the job of recognizing and documenting the beauty in peoples’ lives, this is what comes to mind: 

First, being a wife and mother of two little boys, I feel the importance and sacredness of family. I am a lover of art and I’m attuned to beauty. My personal values and communication style are grounded in authenticity and genuineness. I think honesty is infectious. My clients can be real with me and it shows. 

Your life is a work of art. Sometimes you just need to give yourself the space to see it. If you work with me, that’s what I’ll give you: the space to express the raw, true, and real beauty that fills your life. 

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